Selena Gomez Appreciates Miley Cyrus’ Latest Track ‘Used To Be Young’ Despite Both Releasing Music on the Same Day

Selena Gomez shared her excitement in backing Miley Cyrus’ soon-to-be-released song, Used To Be Young, even though she is also dropping new music on the same day.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 2 người và mọi người đang khiêu vũ

The artist who sang “Wolves” recently announced that she has a new track coming out soon. In her Instagram stories, she expressed her excitement about the fact that both she and Miley Cyrus are releasing their tracks on August 25th. She even added a touch of humor by sharing a clip from a Hannah Montana episode where she portrayed Cyrus’ rival, Mikayla Skeech. The founder of Rare Beauty then included some text under the video to let her millions of fans know that both artists will be releasing their singles on the same day. Gomez also mentioned that she and Cyrus have been friends since childhood, making a reference to the title of Miley’s upcoming single.

Big supporter: Selena Gomez, 31, happily supported Miley Cyrus', 30,  upcoming single, Used To Be Young, after announcing that she is also dropping new music the same day

At 31 years old, Selena Gomez recently displayed her backing for Miley Cyrus, aged 30, who is getting ready to drop her latest single titled “Used To Be Young.” This move comes after Selena declared that she would also be releasing new music on the same day.

Throwback time: The Rare Beauty founder shared a clip from a Hannah Montana episode where she portrayed Cyrus' rival, Mikayla Skeech, on the hit Disney channel series

The founder of Rare Beauty recently shared a throwback video from the popular Disney series, Hannah Montana. The video featured her character, Mikayla Skeech, who was a rival to Cyrus’ character. Selena Gomez reposted the same clip on her Instagram stories, along with a humorous meme and a message indicating that she and Miley would be releasing new singles soon, an hour apart from each other. Cyrus even referenced the title of Selena’s upcoming track and added, “I SAY WE #USEDTOBEYOUNG.” Selena surprised her fans by announcing that she would be releasing new music later this month. In the announcement, she was pictured wearing a glittery pink minidress and a purple feathery jacket, sitting inside a car with a pink light shining down on her. Selena revealed that she wrote the fun little song a while back, which would be perfect for the end of summer, and encouraged her fans to pre-save it now before its release on August 25th.

Big day: The Flowers songstress also took to her own Instagram stories to repost the same clip and added a message of her own, as well as a hilarious meme

Flowers, the famous singer, had a day worth remembering as she uploaded a video clip on her Instagram account. Not only that, but she also shared the same clip on her personal Instagram stories with an amusing meme and message to make it more interesting for her fans.

Humorous meme: At the top of the reel, text read, 'Selena and Miley announcing new singles within 1 hour of each other'

New music: Cyrus also penned at the bottom, '@selenagomez and I are both dropping our new SINGLEs SOON....' also referencing to the current name of Selena's upcoming track. 'I SAY WE #USEDTOBEYOUNG'

A humorous internet meme reads, ‘Just an hour apart, Selena and Miley both release their latest singles.’

Surprise! On Thursday, the Only Murders In The Building actress took to social media and surprised fans when she revealed that she would be dropping new music later this month

You won’t believe it! The lead actress of the hit show Only Murders In The Building surprised her fans with an exciting announcement on Thursday. She took to social media to reveal that she will be dropping brand new music later this month.

Having a blast: One snap showed the singer wearing the same ensemble as she sent a cheerful smile towards the camera with two other stars

Having a wonderful time: In a picture, the singer was seen wearing a coordinated attire and flashing a big smile at the camera with two other notable individuals.

Stunning: Selena additionally added polaroid images of herself glancing over her shoulder while wearing the eye-catching, hot pink dress

The recent Instagram post by Selena was nothing short of stunning, showcasing her in a beautiful pink dress and striking a sultry pose over her shoulder. Along with these photos, she shared a glimpse of her wardrobe filled with trendy clothing pieces. She also posted a picture of various items, including a game remote with a note that said, ‘I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me,’ which was a reference to a Sex and the City episode where Carrie Bradshaw received a breakup message via a post-it note with the same words. Selena’s latest single, Single Soon, produced by Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat, followed her hit remix Calm Down, featuring Rema, in 2022. Shortly after this announcement, Miley Cyrus revealed that her own latest single, Used To Be Young, would also be released on August 25th. In a teaser clip, Miley was seen walking towards the camera on a stage set with minimal lighting, wearing a Disney shirt as a tribute to her past work with the channel, while soft instrumental music played in the background.

Hidden reference: The beauty also included a snap of an assortment of items placed on a floor, such as a game remote that had a post-it note on top that read, 'I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me,' which was seen in a past Sex And The City episode

The writer posted a photo of different objects arranged on the ground, which included a gaming controller accompanied by a post-it note saying, ‘I apologize. I can’t do it. Please don’t be angry.’ Devotees of Sex and the City may be familiar with this allusion from a prior episode.

Big revelation: Just one hour after Gomez announced that she was releasing new music, Miley also revealed to the world that her latest single, Used To Be Young, will drop on August 25th as well

Great news! Fans were thrilled to hear that Miley Cyrus had a surprise in store for them after Selena Gomez announced the release of her new music. Cyrus shared that her latest single, “Used To Be Young,” will also be available on August 25th.

Title: 'August 25TH. USED TO BE YOUNG. In celebration of my new single release Endless Summer Vacation (backyard sessions) continues. Aug 24th @ 10pm EDT on ABC,' Cyrus penned in the caption

As August 25th approaches, I find myself looking back on my younger days. To celebrate the launch of my new single, Endless Summer Vacation, I am extending my Backyard Sessions series. Don’t miss out on catching me on ABC at 10 pm EDT on August 24th. Let’s come together and enjoy the simple pleasures of this season!

Previous work: As she got closer to the camera with slowly building instrumental music in the background, the star could be seen wearing a Disney shirt, referencing to her days working with the channel

With a soothing instrumental music playing in the background, the famous personality approached the camera, donning a Disney shirt that reminded her of her past work with the channel. She announced an upcoming interview where she would share stories about the first 30 years of her life to honor U2BY. Expressing gratitude towards her followers, she dedicated her latest song to them, saying how she loves them for accepting every version of herself. Later, she posted black and white pictures of herself dressed in a fitting bodysuit, fishnet tights, and high heels. In a recent video, she explained why she picked August 25th to release her latest single, which holds significant personal and professional value. Earlier this year, the artist’s eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, featuring tracks like Flowers, was warmly received by fans. The album’s lead single, Flowers, made history by being the first song to hit one billion streams on Spotify. Selena Gomez supported Miley by sharing memorable moments from their lives together on her Instagram stories before the release of their singles.

In the past: Selena and Miley previously starred on their separate shows - Wizards Of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana - on the Disney channel; seen in 2009 with Demi Lovato (far left)

Back in the day, the Disney channel was filled with iconic shows like Wizards Of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana – both starring Selena and Miley. These two talented actresses were often seen on our screens alongside Demi Lovato. A photo from 2009 perfectly captures the moment they all shone together.

Stylish: The businesswoman shared a close-up image of her legs while wearing a silver skirt as well as a over-the-knee black boots while a sparkling, sequin bag was placed next to her

The lady boss made a stylish statement by sharing a picture on her social media account, flaunting her attractive legs in a shiny silver skirt and chic black thigh-high boots. To add more glamour to the look, she also accessorized with a sparkling sequined bag placed strategically next to her.

Memories: Another photo showed Gomez flashing a smile at a DJ booth and also included a selfie of herself as she was in the midst of getting her hair washed at a salon

Memories: Another photo captures Gomez flashing a smile as she sits at a DJ booth. The shot also includes a selfie of her getting her hair washed at a salon.

Pampering: The performer was seen taking the selfie from high above as she enjoyed a relaxing day of pampering

Taking some time for themselves, the performer snapped a photo from above as they enjoyed a day of unwinding and self-pampering.

Striking a pose: The star further showed off her sense of style wearing a black, strapless top that was tucked into the waist of loose-fitting denim pants

The famous person exuded self-assurance as she displayed her exceptional fashion sense, donning a strapless black top paired with relaxed-fit denim pants held together with a stylish black belt. Another photograph captured her flaunting her toned legs in a shiny silver skirt along with black over-the-knee boots and a glimmering sequin bag. The singer also shared a picture of herself beaming at a DJ booth and a selfie of her hair being washed at a salon. In the end, the celebrity was spotted lounging on a comfortable bench inside a spacious restaurant.

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