“Miley Cyrus Overwhelmed by Adele’s Praise as a ‘Legend’ at Las Vegas Residency”

During a recent performance, the artist known for her hit song “Hello” shared that she has been a long-time admirer of Miley Cyrus. Bailey Richards is a talented writer-reporter who has been a valuable member of the PEOPLE team since 2023. Prior to joining the publication, she completed an internship with them in 2022 and has also had her work featured in other digital outlets such as Paper Magazine and TV Insider.

Miley Cyrus Reacts To Adele Shouting Her Out During Las Vegas

During her concert in Las Vegas, Adele showed her appreciation for Miley Cyrus and her new song “Used to Be Young.” The Grammy winner spoke fondly of the track, calling it emotional and admitting that she had been playing it on repeat since its release. She also revealed that she has always been a big fan of Cyrus and has a soft spot for nostalgia. In response, Cyrus expressed her gratitude for the sweet shoutout and revealed that she had thought of Adele often while writing the song, hoping that she would love it.

Adele recently made headlines after she helped a couple announce the sex of their baby and broke down in tears. Her song, which includes the lyrics “I know I used to be crazy, I know I used to be fun,” has also resonated with other celebrities. Diane Keaton shared a series of photos from her youth on Instagram set to the song and expressed her love for it, which Miley Cyrus, the singer of the track, appreciated and responded to. Cyrus said that Keaton was on her mind while writing the song and explained that it’s about honoring one’s past, loving oneself, and celebrating the future. She expressed gratitude towards her fans for their support and dedication.

MILEYS NEW YEARS EVE PARTY -- Pictured: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has released an emotional music video to accompany her latest song, in which she pays tribute to her past. The video features a stripped-down performance by Cyrus wearing a sparkling, red corset and a Mickey Mouse shirt, referencing her childhood fame on Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana.” Despite looking towards the future with her new music, Cyrus has expressed interest in resurrecting her iconic TV character at some point. She joked in a 2020 radio interview that “Miss Montana” would need a big makeover before making a return, and that she hoped to direct any potential revival.

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